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І What was,the true reason of the war of 2001,in Afghanistan?

ІІ Hear, humanity, the God's will about the holy day...

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What was,the true reason of the war of 2001,in Afghanistan?


аMore than once I was going to let the world know why this event in Afghanistan had taken place. Especially, after havingа read several times the criticism of America and its allies, during the anti-war demonstrations. And also, because many things remain a mystery.

аMore than once I said to my friends that I would write it, so that humanity knows the truth. But almost one year has passed and I did not keep my word.

аAlso, perhaps the Divine punishment for me, it was the fact that I had an accident June, 2002, not having written anything of what I knew and had promised to write, even after having had two visions in April 2002 on this subject; the second, already with a feeling of need for writing it as fast as possible and responsibility for the delay.

аI still did not write. And I public it only now, though, at the basis, that was written already a year and half ago. But will humanity come to the needed conclusions? I hope so.

аSo you all who will read it today, do not judge the acts of Alliance. Because you will be responsible for judging the deal of God.

аThe truth is that the war against the Talibans is like a plague of All-powerful One for punishment,- to Afghanistan and its capacity. By the intermediary of the allies.

аFor what? For the terrorist acts of September, 11?


аSeptember, 11 is a revealed pretext for the countries with the United States at their head to destroy the regime of servants of the devil. As it is in the examples of biblical times: accomplished sin involves a punishment.

аThe most dissimulated reason from everyone- was persecution of the very few preachers of the word of Jesus at the end of August, 2001, for keeping the Christian literature or propagating Christianity and death penalty of those,- who had the audacity, of all the hundreds of million Christians, to follow the call of the Gospel to enter the den of the devil to tear off darkness and fornication, that reign on billion hearts ofа Asia and Africa, those who having believed in the name of God, would run away themselves, would repent, would baptize and would stick to the only science of the Saver of the world, having rejected the religions and sciences of the devil.

аI mean all that is in the New Testament (without disfigurations of the sects) which comes from the Bible. That was recognized even by the demon which spoke to me in middle of the March, 2002.

аPerhaps somebody will say that in the past there was also, in various parts of the world and at various times, persecutions of the Christians, servants of the Word of God, and nothing happened to the culprits, and if even something happened to them, how can you know that it was the punishment of All-powerful for the religion?

аIt is complicated to know it if that were not announced to somebody directly.-You undoubtedly intended to speak about the monk of Palestine, of the time of the Second World War, and the cause of the aggression of Hitler against the Soviet Union.

But in August 2001, soon after the news of the judgment of the Christians by the fundamentalistic Taliban (I did not even know which confessions they acted), the following things happened.

аTo me, the largest sinner, in this house in the forest, on the mountain where I lived.

аWhat? How? Why?

аThe news that I heard the radio, because I have no television and press there, the news on Afghanistan upset me. And with each time, always more extremely.

аLastly, at the end of a few days, all these various feelings gave birth in me a species from anger against all these inaccurate people.

аAnd first of all unconscious, this anger becoming increasingly stronger, then consciously I started to ask in my daily prayers the Holy Trinity to severely punish all those who persecute the Word of God, meaning before all the islamistic Taliban.

аBecause С who is not with Me, is against Me Т, said the Lord, С and all that you have made to the smallest of those who believe in My Name, you have made to Me Т. With all catastrophic consequences, which follow from levity of that.

аAt the end of a few days of burning prayers like this one: Оur Father, where are you? In the name of Jesus Christ, I please with all my forces, carry your punishing hand on all the inaccurate ones, persecuting Your science..., Iа woke up one morning, and being in a particular spiritual state, I go on to address my prayers to God, for this and other things.

аSuddenly, in the middle of morning silence, there was a thunder...

аI never heard it so powerful and long, from all my 26 years.

аThe large house trembled... The windows glazed closely ringed...

аAfterwards,а there was a silence again. There was no rain, during these days, and all the more no storm. The sky was covered with white clouds, not even of gray ones, those of rain. When the storm approaches, you know well, it always thunders with more force, and as plusiers taken again. There, that was only once.

аMy friends, in a nearby village where I came a little later, they also intended to thunder. The lightning having struck the tree a little higher, on the mountain, burned or in a part reversed it, as said to me a man whom I know and who live near the foot of the mountain.

аSomewhere, in these days, while gathering the harvest, before or after the second thunder-I donТt remember, among all the workers, unexpectedly the light of the sun disappeared and was replaced by darkness.

аIn that darkness, there was light from the top and in it, in dark clothing and a hood, appearing in the likeness of an ancient iconic Ukrainian Saint Antonij or Feodosij Pecherskij.а The unknown stature, turning half way towards me, spoke :С wait for mecry Т!

аI leapt towards him, but he was already gone and I only heard his voice saying :С but not right away Т!

аWho was this?

аThe news of Asia always came.

аSo and I often addressed to God, althoughа not so passionately as this morning, by asking him various things, and above all, the punishment for the children of the devil.

аTwo weeks later, being awake, I requested God-Father ardently, God-Son and Holy Spirit on all the important questions in my opinion, the Taliban including...

аSuddenly, there was again a long-lasting thunder... The weather conditions were the same as the last time.

аAt that time, between these two thunders, or before the first, I does not remember exactly, I understand them as a sign of All-powerful One - Who I thank and glorify for all and all which are with Him, today and eternally, amen! - that He have heard my voice; close to me, in time of work, I saw my spirit or my soul like a fire silhouette that called, in anger...

аA few days after the second thunder, the events from September 11 took place in America...


аEven a month has not passed that the coallition with the United States at the head began the war in Afghanistan.

аAll the Christians condemned by the islamists are alive and were released, thousands of Talibes perished, remainders of those, who are related to Al-Kaida, are persecuted on all the Earth, need to hide, threatened to be found (and they are found! - already hundreds on Guantanamo) and to have to appear before the Courts. People of the country who liked to listen to the lie, of what the science of Mahomet, had by the demon, were in a larger misfortune still, and the regime of the Antichrist, who perhaps is not the direct initiator of the attack, is destroyed...

аSo the other words told by the Lord about the christians and those who harms to them were executed also: УYou are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and who destroys the Temple, will be destroyed by GodФ. Although they probably even not read it.

аAnd now there are space and freedom for preaching the science-truth of God-Father, intended to convert and save the people by God-Son Jesus Christ.

аMaybe somebody will say to me: you are Ukrainian and Christian, it is easy to you to call the punishment of God on the other people, on the billion allured by the satan...

аYes, I am Ukrainian and follower, without compromise, of the Saver of the world. (I do not say С one purposely believing Т, because already those which believed, should see the signs described in the last appendices of the Gospel of аSaint Mark).

But, if I had been born in the beginning of the XX century, I would in the same way have called the punishment of God on the heads of the men without religion who were with the capacity in Soviet Union, who were called С сommunists Т, and among which, with the inaccurate ones of all the nations, there were no badly Ukrainians, who, in the 20th , 30thа and 40th, contributed to the genocide of the million people, Ukrainians in their majority, with the artificial famine; to the brutal murders of ten hundreds of the prisoners of conscience in prisons, and throwing the living ones in watersealed salt-mines, recoiling in front of nacists in 1941, only in Ukraine (I donТt know if there was in other С republics Т); with the extermination in all USSR of thousands of churches, monasteries, with the plundering of the spiritual richnesses; with the extermination of the clergy, national elite of the people, the culmination of this atrocity makes it have run a whole boat with the Ukrainian intelligents in the Arctic Glacial ocean, in 1937, in the honor of the С Great socialist revolution of October Т; massive deportation of the populations to the concentration camps, in North, in Siberia, in Average Asia of the million people declared С enemy of the people Т; between them of the whole ethnos groups of their native soil, assimilation forced of hundreds of nationalities avin to create the vague community С of the single Soviet people Т, who by spreading the heresy of the Marxism-Leninism would light the fire of the С world proletarian revolution Т and having liquidated the capitalist middle-class capacity and would found the capacity of the Soviets and after that, on the corpses of tortured, its Utopia would be build, С light future Т.

аBut thanks to our celestial Father who do not allow that the whole world undergoes all the stages of the construction of this world of satan (of which one of the dogmas said that God did not exist and that the religion, it was С opium for the people Т and one gave insolating names of the С Inaccurate one Т type,С Atheist Т and the other similar ones with newspapers, reviews, organizations), and other crimes, which was done during years on our premises and in some other countries.

аIf something of similar happened in our times, in Ukraine or in my native townа Lviv, be sure that the community of language is not an obstacle for me to repeat the reaction of the 2001 year on the heads of the sinners, how that they are called, even С elected officials Т or С saints Т.

аBut I make confidence with the authorities of the Ukraine occidentale, what I cannot say of the others, by recalling that a number of people were beaten by the police force, in 1996, in Kyiv, during funerals of the patriarch, and the impunity of its organizers, who think that all will be vity forgotten, considering the stations which they occupy. And now also a murder of the journalist Gоngadze, to the order of the president L.Кuchma, by killers from his environment...

аIf there were somebody who would request the Creator for the others when I am not there any more. Because it is perhaps not in vain that the Lord gave me the chance to just see after the beginning of the war the hearts of killed for His Word, as it is described in the Revelations of John. Also, I guess from where I should be awaited the hosts, but I do not know when. Althought there can be the different ones. But anyone, do not waste time in reflexions, come to see me.      

  It should be said that I did not expect that everything happened that way.

аAlthough now, some time afterwards, by evoking in my memory the large miraculous things, which happened to me last summer, in June, the signs which came to me from Jesus Christ, those of the sun, the cross and the heart, after my long penitence for sins of mine and of humanity, signs of God appeared in July and August (which were to accompany forgiveness, as it is described in the Writing), right before the first thunder, nobody knows, except few people, - there could be expected that something of extraordinary could happened this time...

аAll those who love God, be faithful to Christ until the end, while following it, fight for him of all your force, and your reward will be large, and not only in eternity with Him, but even here, during your life!

аStill for a testimony, I need E-mails, not only of the Media, but also of capacities of all the countries. Write if you know them with the address:

The text in different languages you will find with the address :, , 6.8.2004.

аI thank all,those who helped me to translate,and to send this testimony. If somebody sends this text, in his language to me, it will be also published on the Web page.

аThat the blessing of God is to all those which are with Him!

аP.S.: So in order to nobody to think that all the above-mentioned one is mysticism, invention of unknown, that I fear anyone, with share God, or I flee the responsibility for my words, I give my address : Ukrayina, Lviv, 79034 , 9/14 Street Myshuga, Verkhola Maryan.




Hear, humanity, the God's will about the holy day...


             It is necessary to say that on this testimony it was not explained to me completely. Not even that I have to inform someone or  all of you on that. But reminding the God's words :С What I say to you in the darkness, say to the light and what you hear on the ear, support from the roofs Т(Ev. M. 10. 27), and here I do according to His  will.

             Because on that, it seems, more than once I was saying or had the thought to write, before two visions and the third one were happening  - a voice, in April, 2002. When before the orthodox Easter there is an imposing figure in white appeared next to me in house in the darkness, similar to Jesus Christ from the icons, with the black hair curled up to the shoulders, I did not see the face indeed, everything lasted just for some moment, but without resplendence, but I have turned away from Him for some reason and He has gone. And in a day I have a dream, as if it was in reality where there appeared an enormous sheet of the paper, in which in the incomprehensible language, something similar to the hieroglyphics, everything was full of words, that all  empowered me with the feeling that I must write more rapidly. But I did not write and soon I forgot on that completely. After a  little time, in the morning, when I was by the window, suddenly a silent but expressive voice asked me :Do you wish to write ?. Worried with the daily problems (he wanted to buy a mobile phone,  because to be without the communication is problematically, especially, on the nature where I was living then, next to the forest, in the mountain, in Czechia), I understood  immediately what these words  are about.

             Especially after hearing in the news, in the beginning of 2003, that in some countries, on the state level, there is discuted the question on legitiming of the holy day of the week.

             More than five years ago, in August, 2000, I am sorry that I has not noted down the date immediately, a following event happened. Remaining in my room, really it is good I was in the bed instead of standing on something firm, so if I have fallen I could break my head.

             Unexpectedly very loud, ennobled  voice has rung out from above, somewhere from apart, and I saw, I do not know, whether my soul or my spirit, in the darkness, as a figure of the light, in the reverence, on knees.

             And when I saw it, I have heard the voice of the One Who pronounced four words in Ukrainian language :С Remember the day of Saturday to celebrate !Т.

             And that was all. That was more than anything.  After that what happened, was I a lot of time in the shock, without knowing, Who it was and what it was.

             A Long time, being still in the unknowing  for all of that, and reading epistles of the apostles, I found the words that  were like a magnet :С The Holy Spirit comes and goes away, and nobody knows wherefrom He comes and to where He goes Т.

             In this moment I have understood already, that it was the same Holy Spirit, - congratulation, glory and praise to Him for the studies forever and ever, amen!

             This way it was fulfilled what the Savier had said in  times of the apostles :С And when He avenges, The Spirit of the truth, He will take you to the whole truth, because He will not speak from himself, but He is going to say what He will hear and to open to you what should happen Т(Ev.John 16.13)

             Soon, walking on the square of Gerordin in Psherov, I thought :У I am going to give everything gained,on Saturday and Sunday,for the good works Ф. And I have understood immediately that that was not good.-As we could see on the example of the Biblical king Saul and of the prophet Samuil, the Omnipotent One does not need the material sacrifices, but the obedience of  the all people...

              I do not  want to give my exhibition of these words, do not become the judge, because as soon as I wrote a few sentences,  next day when I was finishing to write, I had an instantaneous precautionary vision like (the words С Who are you that you judge The Law ?Т, and С There  is the Judge  next to the door Т, after that the blue  light appeared in front of me in darkness, and in the blue one there was the  gold and  white one appeared), it  make me to take ithese words away.

              I himself, pediendo often to the Holy Trinity, the explanation as soon as the celebration jousts in the modern conditions, so The God Jesus Christ did not give the order on any day, not even that С On Saturday serves for the man and not the man for Saturday Т and that He is The God and of Saturday (Ev. Mr. 2. 27-8), and in second С My Father works till now, and I work Т (Ev. The 5. 17), till now I do not know on that concretely.

              It is a shame that has no engraving on the disc, bought long ago for that, the voice and the words of the Holy Spirit, although I ask Them formerly, to give to hear the announced to all the people, by means of the radio, the television, the Internet. At least, nothing happened that it would indicate to the opposite.

              But there is the exit. Excuse me all of you, who found out about that separatedly or together,so, Donde the two will meet in My Name, I am between them !Т, it is possible that you will receive the divine mercy of communicating the world with detail, and it is possible that the of that time above mentioned will appear in the carriers of the information.

             If it would not have given to anybody of the people (who would attest on the enormous fall not only of 6,5 trillions, but also of the monks and of the clergy of the orthodox rite), it is possible to ask the Mother of the God, that, she can be that, there appears still in Lurd (France), in Medzhugoria (Bosnia and Gercegovina), and now also in Ukraine, in the Carpathians next to Irshava, by means of those that they Her see.

              If that not the competiera, then that the humanity looks for the first priest Meljisedek, who went out to blessing Avram, of Selim that is in Nearby East, on which it is said that it has neither the beginning, nor the end, not the parents; on that apostle Pedro wrote(Jews 5-7), after almost more than 2 thousand years, in the same sense, and it is not written that desaparecira.

              After more than one year, I came in the limitation up to what I did not even decide to prepare the meal on Saturday. And on a Saturday when I was lighting the stove (it was already cold), suddenly I saw my body next to me that was putting the firewood, and I was nearby and was looking.

              At about that time, in the epistle of the holy apostle Pedro to the Galateos, a reporting appeared precisely for me, where he was writing himself : С Oh senseless! If you begin with Spirit, will you finish with works? Т.And look that in the Sacred writing he writes himself of way considerably other one.

             And the holy apostle Pablo in the New Testament, which concerns all the people, and not only to a few villages mentioned there, in the epistle precisely says to the Jews :С Then, the humanity Divina has the rest left on Saturday Т(Jews 4. 9).

             Although in this place, in the majority of the texts, there are the words completely different, to which it bears witness on the falsity of one of the translations. As well as there are no two truths of a question. But now we have the words of incomparable Major, that the words of all the created ones as a whole.

             That's why I treat not to do anything that I can do another day. Although it is subjectively. Because he does not know each other, when the Saturday day starts and ends, from the words of the God Perhaps does not the day have twelve hours ?Т (Ev. Iv 11. 9), perhaps the very necessary services of social safety can work: medicinal, firemen, police, energy, carriers, communicative, of rest (hotels, spas, camps) and others; perhaps it is not the sin to celebrate the weddings, funeral retinue and the similar acts, that's why I was not in the weddings of my only sister. I do not say on the diverse activity, that it can be annulled this day: the education, the industry, the authorities, the agriculture, etc

            In May, 2002, duranre the second week after the Easters of oriental Christians, when I was in Prague in KarlТs bridge, opposite to the crucifix of Christ, was bearing witness to these words to the Swiss. In the need, not knowing, as saying in English the С voice tronante Т, I showed a few times to the sky. With that, in the clouds there is it began to resound unexpectedly...

            Impressed, probably, he has gone to a part, and I to other one. I said these words and to the priest of one of the Ukrainian confessions in Prague, of the temple of san. Kliment, at about the summer of 2002, after the breakdown. In that he answered very badly. In the same night, it felt badly sleepy, thatТs why I do not know, if everything is well with him or that was not touching him.

            It was that, to publish the written thing more rapidly, before the Easters of 2005, so that all of us should see, if it would light Allpotential One,fire in the temple of the Divine Coffin that every year happens from the IVth century till now, if the Church itself, in the person of the Patriarch of Erusalen, had been out of line, or had not accepted my testimony, on the words of the Holy Spirit, as for the need of the Saturday celebration.

           It is a shame that does not have the tests convincentesde the extraordinary miracles, that might fix the modern skill, to the acknowledgement of everything described, since the apostles, some saints had the prophets of the Old Testament, the Penitent.

           That's why I call them, the chiefs of the oriental and western Churches who express the positions with this motive, so that in the holiday of Domingo de Jesus in 2006, he should clear up, who tells the truth on the suitable day to the God, the chiefs of the Churches or I Е

           If only the God, does not want to do by that time, a little other to accelerate the victory of your words, of the prescription almost of five years, on a human arbitrariness or the deafness before of your voice.(Although to the satanic forces, there is not attractive much that makes know to all the described in the previous article and now. For the test of what, can they serve his procedure, to kill me or to scare, as this it happened in the night closed on September 22, 2002, after stopping writing them in the base. Then, like according to the words of the apostle san. Pedro on the devil, unexpectedly the grunted, empty, proud voice and without heart, the ground and the sky, in the comparison with the voice of the Holy Spirit, or of Jesus Christ in June, 2001, dropped me. And in May, 2004, of my e-mail, I received the letter of satan, in which with the mass of blasphemies, I was writing myself on the end. But till now I am alive, and allow it God, I will exterminate the most possible everything anti-Christian).

           And I ask them and demand them, the governments of the countries, to do on Saturday as the holiday, and the Christianity as the state religion! If it was depending only on me, as once, on the governors of individual power, it would do immediately everything so that the words of the Holy Spirit were not disturbed, up to the explanation detailed by the Holy Trinidad, or for who of Them they are authorized about this one.

          Then now, that each of the brothers and the sisters in Christ, and the multitude of nonbaptized, it is known on Saturday the GodС's will:С Remember the day of Saturday to celebrate ! Т. Be afraid of the God and keep you of not listening to the Holy Spirit, knowing of the history, first of all of the Biblia, that the God, without consequences has not the disobedience left.

           Because nobody, with the healthy reason, would wish to yes, to fall down not only in the hell, not even that in the purgatory to the flours, for the big or small sins, having heard on yes the Divine judgment in the Last Judgement :С Moved away from Me, who does the antilegality !Т(Ev. M. 7. 23).Who knows, if that does not touch from now and which will not turn the attention to Saturday?

           The grace and the GodТs blessing, which with every, who looks for the truth, and for your hand, on all the means of the information of masses of the world, and the power of the states and the religions, which will not announce these words of the Holy Spirit said by Him, in August, 2000.

           If the governments of all the countries of the world, they do not do in the next future, Saturday as the unskillful, festive day, and the cristianidad as the state religion, already this autumn, I will turn out to be forced to leave everything, to ask only them for the punishments of the Holy Trinidad, for example in the branches of the communication, the energetics, the finance, since it did it already, in August, 2001, about one of the anti-Christian governments in Asia. With all the disagreeable consequences for them. Because it costs me more to die, of the constant fasting and the prayers, that to suffer the existence in the Earth of everything what does not belong to Christ. That do not say later that they do not know, for that the misfortunes began to fall down. The approach is very radical but I do not see another exit.

           And you, the businessmen, do the conclusions of the heard. You, the priests, will do well, when you lead the liturgy, in the suitable time on Saturday.

           Now I am pure before the God, in the message of this, on what he was promising to announce the pair of the years behind. It is possible that He, he will excuse me, for such a dilation, with the notice of your will.

           The text in the languages, to which I will manage to translate, there will be in :,,1.11.2005.

           That nobody doubts in everything attested, I give my direction : Ukrayina, LТviv, 79034, 9/14 Str.Myshuga, Verkhola MarТyan.  Tel. of house: : + 38 032 2704317,

           P.S. Sent to the power of many countries, to the representatives of all the states in the UNO, to the chiefs of all the confessions. Who will send this text in his language, will I place it also on the Web page. Send, the one who can, the written for all them E-mailes of the world.



Soli Deo,Honor et Gloria !



1 Corinthians 12-14 33




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